Main research areas

Research Areas in 19th and 20th Century History

Images, Stereotypes, and Propaganda

  • British and American Images of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Hungary
  • Efforts to Influence the Foreign Image of Hungary (Lajos Kossuth, Count István Bethlen)
  • International Propaganda

Tools and Mechanisms of Central European Dictatorships

  • Secret Police and Censorship
  • The International Secret Service of the Habsburg Monarchy
  • International Exiles after the Revolution of 1848-49; The Role of Lajos Kossuth

Emigration/Immigration and the “Racial” Question

  • Mass Emigration from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
  • Hungarian-American Intellectual and Professional Migrations
  • Step- and Chain-Migrations
  • The Early History of Brain-Drain
  • Migration of Scientists through Germany to the United States
  • Anti-Semitism and Migrations

Transatlantic and European Relations

  • Austro-Hungarian and Hungarian Relations with the English-Speaking World
  • Interwar Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Hungary
  • The Role of Weimar Germany (especially Berlin) in the Transatlantic Process
  • Interwar German-Hungarian Cultural and Scientific Relations
  • The International Relations of Hungary
  • The United States and Europe: Influences and Connections
  • English and German as International Languages and Language Policies

Overlapping National Histories

  • Team leader of the European Science Foundation Programme “Representations of the Past: The Writing of National Histories in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Europe”
    (Team 4: “Overlapping National Histories”), 2003-2009.
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